The Blue by Huang Fei

The Blue by Huang Fei


The second step of the Something Blue project goes deeply into the culture from which it takes inspiration to further express the potential of the tool MAKA. Four chinese masters of traditional blue and white tecnique have been invited to paint with the new tool, thus expressing themselves both through their classic visual language and new experimental shapes inspired by the marker. The feedback has been enthusiastic and the output unexpected for the painters themselves, who found it a deeply freeing and mind blowing experience that injected new life in a craft that dates back centuries.

Here’s The Blue, the second Something blue collection, in the making.
Each piece is unique, handmade and hand painted in Jingdezhen using MAKA. 

Wheelthrown porcelain with hand painted decorations in cobalt blue

unique piece

Size: H 7 7⁄8"  dia 7 7⁄8"

Manufactured: Giada Yeya Montomoli & Agnes Fries

Designer: Huang Fei


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