Something Blue vase

Something Blue vase

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BLUE AND WHITE porcelain is an ancient technique that has been favoured by people and emperors throughout thousands of years.
The hand painted cobalt pattern on a white surface is one one of the most explored types of decorations so adding something new in this area is a true challenge.

A challenge the two designers AGNES FRIES and GIADA MONTOMOLI decided to take on. By research in the very city where porcelain was invented, the duo started mixing up the traditional techniques with new influences and boiled it down to the need for a completely new TOOL.
The tool is born out of an urge to express the graphic energy that comes from growing up in the 20th century, using markers instead of brushes and being closer to urban culture and graffiti than the calligraphy that influenced blue and white in the first place.

Wheelthrown porcelain with hand painted decorations in cobalt blue

Small size: H 3 15⁄16" dia 4 1/2"

Medium size: H 6"  dia 6 1/2"

Big size: H 7 7⁄8"  dia 7 7⁄8"

Designer: Giada Yeya Montomoli & Agnes Fries

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