Oak Bio

Manufacturer: Albino Pozzi

Thermic-Bio wood: This treatment involves a combination of dry heat and steam without any chemical additives, giving the wood some amazing features. It improves the quality of poorer woods.
This intensive heat treatment actually modifies the wood, and improves its structural characteristics. Naturally inherent notch sensitivity to twisting, bending, separation, and swelling or shrinking in the wood is reduced up to 50%. It becomes far more stable in conditions of climatic and environmental variability. But not only does this process lead to more physical stability and strength, it also results in warmer and more intense hues that are essential for enhancing antique looking atmospheres.
The bio-thermo process also improves the wood's insulation properties and removes the resin from conifer woods, rendering them ideal for areas that are warm and humid, such as saunas and bathrooms.
The high resistance to moisture, sunshine and other weather conditions also makes it perfect for garden furniture, terraces, shutters, claddings and wood frames for gardens.
The colors of the wood's natural patterns are enhanced without the use of paints, and no harmful substances are used in the process, leaving it a completely sound material in which the purity of the wood species can still be seen.