Luca Capurso

Luca Capurso & Gaia Nodari


About our founders

First travel, then design.

Northerners co-founders, Interior and furniture designers, but most of all curious travelers, Gaia Nodari and Luca Capurso have spent the past 10 years journeying around the globe, pulling inspiration from undiscovered land.

Both being born and raised in the heart of Italy, Luca and Gaia unearthed their love of returning to the essentials through their love for authentic and honest design. After spending years studying works from the world’s greatest international designers, Gaia and Luca took their passion for organic design to the next level by blending natural aesthetics with functional construction.

The designers unrivaled ability to create something clean and functional remains engrained in their company's DNA. Bringing together a unique collection of furniture pieces from Europe, they select one-of-a-kind pieces to recreate atmospheres first sensed during their travels around the world.

About Northerners co.

Shaping nature.

Northerners co. is a distributor and retailer, based in New York City NY, Los Angeles CA & Bergamo - Italy, that carries the most exclusive European designed and manufactured furniture brands, as well as collects antique furniture and one-of-a-kind pieces.

‘We curate collections inspired by nature, people and the places we’ve experienced as global travelers. Our collections are woven together by our beliefs in timeless design, the use of natural materials, and the finest craftsmanship.

Our business allows us to travel across the US to provide the best services to the most exclusive clients.’